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7 Ways to Repurpose Your Content into a Bestselling Book

As writers, authors, and soon-to-be authors, we are often already generating content for our current audiences. Sometimes, we don’t realize that this is a goldmine of material we already possess that can easily transition into a fully published bestselling book. We don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. By repurposing existing content, you can save...


20 Mindset Tips for New and Aspiring Writers

As an aspiring writer, you’re poised on the threshold of a unique journey, one that will lead you into uncharted territories of creativity and imagination. Yet, before you dive into crafting your first masterpiece, it’s essential to develop a strong mindset to thrive in this often challenging yet rewarding field. Here are 20 mindset tips...


5 Benefits of Having a Book Writing Mentor

Putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and taking the plunge to write your first novel can be a daunting experience. Even if you’ve already written a book or two, the sense of overwhelm and mild imposter syndrome that a new book creates is enough to make you pause for a moment.  Every author’s...


6 Effective Book Writing Strategies for Non-Fiction Authors

Writing a non-fiction title can prove quite a tall order for unprepared writers. Since it’s based on reality, you need to present a realistic story. Also, give credit where it’s due. Quoting someone or describing something requires accurate references.   We’ve curated six effective ways for you to tackle the stumbling blocks of writing non-fiction. With...


Top 6 Reasons You’re Afraid to Write Your Book

If you’re going to become a published author, it is likely you have some fears about the process that you will have to overcome. You are not alone. All authors, whether we’re working on book #1, book #25, or book #100, have some element of fear and uncertainty about the next one. The sad thing...


Get the Guide to Getting Published

Discover how you can become a published author with DW Creative Publishers. We all have a story we want to tell. An idea that we want to share. Wisdom and advice that we want to give to others in the world. Writing a book is the most efficient and beneficial way to do all of...


How do I handle my royalties on my taxes?

DW Creative Publishers will mail an IRS Form 1099-MISC to authors residing in the United States for any royalty payments issued above $10.00 or more for the calendar year. The form will be emailed and/or mailed by January 15th. The form is required by the IRS to report income by way of royalty and withholding....


How does proofreading and copyediting work?

We offer both copyediting and proofreading services upon request. If your book has been professionally edited and proofread before submission, that is great. If your book has not gone through this process, we highly recommend this service. We offer both services as an add-on. Our editors and proofreaders have 20+ years of experience in the...


What is the difference between proofreading and copyediting?

Good question. In publishing, proofreading often comes just before the book goes to the printer. This stage is well after the copyediting stage and looks for mistakes the editor might have missed or errors that might have been introduced to the text during the design process. Proofreaders will read the text and correct more minor...

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