Editorial Standards

At DW Creative Publishers, we aim to serve authors by helping them share their stories through the printed page. Every title we publish must adhere to our Editorial Standards. These standards reflect our values as a company and that identity carries across to our authors and the books we publish.

By reviewing these guidelines and submitting your manuscript, you confirm that your manuscript aligns with these standards and that you are confident in having your book published with DW Creative Publishers.

In order to carry the DW Creative Publishers name and logo on your book, here are our editorial standards:

We tell stories that communicate a helpful message, tell a personal story, or offer a benefit to the reader in some way. In no way, do we believe in or publish books that focus on or conform to hate speech, libelous or damaging language about other people, or anything else that will be hurtful or harmful to someone.

Every author is free to write and think in a manner that aligns to their core values and beliefs. Books should encourage readers to live and think in an uplifting and positive manner, it should motivate people to be their best selves and adhere to their highest calling and purpose in life, and it should only bring forth the very best life qualities that enhance readers and their environment.

  • DW Creative Publishers does not publish any of the following content:
    • Violence or any copy that insinuates or encourages acts of violence
    • Medical or mental health advice that does not come from a licensed and/or degreed professional
    • Copy that includes gross or coarse profanity
    • Hate speech that leads to, encourages, or insinuates violence, racism, or prejudice against any person or group of people based on gender, religion, culture or ethnicity
    • Sexual, erotic, or sexual violence including rape, incest, kidnapping, or any relation or insinuation to sexual relations with or involving minors (with the exception of personal and true stories)
    • Copyright infringement or works that include trade secrets, privacy rights, trademark rights, or any other types of work that includes proprietary right violations
    • Details around political hate, extreme government opinions, or world conflicts that encourage violence, discrimination, prejudice or cultural conflict


We assume all people’s work is copyrighted and you should assume the same. Other people’s work should not be copied without given due credit and reference to the work and the creator.

If work is thought to be in the public domain, it must be explicitly and publicly written and available that the work is in the public domain and available for public use. This includes images, designs, or the likeness of these images and designs.

Explicit permission in writing must be granted to DW Creative Publishers to use any work that is not in the public domain. If that permission is not granted, the work may not be use, with the exception of short, attributed quotes.


Statements that harm, hurt, or identify without consent another individual in your manuscript with any type of negative connotation or defamation of character will not be accepted. It is your responsibility to ensure your work is free from any libelous statements or statements that could be defined as such. Defamation of character within any print form is known as libel. Libelous statements can cause emotional and mental distress to another, and that person reserves the right to sue you based on these claims.  


Any other book, video, poem, artwork, or work produced by another requires a full and complete reference within the book. This includes the use of verses from any known religious book including the Bible. The proper copyright statements must be included in the front matter of your book before publication.


Manuscripts that do not align to these editorial standards will be rejected upfront by DW Creative Publishers. We do our due diligence when it comes to copyright, but if it comes up after publication that works has been lifted or published from another person without express permission, DW Creative Publishers reserves the right to terminate that publication.