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DW Creative Publishers is aware of scams targeting current authors or those looking to become published authors. These scammers often impersonate publishing companies, editors, or literary agents and make promises of a book deal or an interest in a book deal to be turned into a movie, play or film. In many cases, these fraudulent schemes are accompanied by use of a popular publisher logo, trademark, or even a real person’s name who may be well-known in the industry.

DW Creative Publishers does not solicit manuscripts for publication, nor do we ever ask for a fee to represent you to another publisher as we are not an agent. In addition, we do not ask for fees outside of what you see under our publishing packages and that is only after you have communicated with us directly about your project. Be sure to check the email address and domain name before replying to emails that could potentially be scams.

Finally, we are well aware of some confusion in name between DW Creative Publishers and The Daily Wire’s DW Books. DW Creative Publishers is by no means affiliated with, associated with, or in alliance with The Daily Wire or its publishing imprint, DW Books.